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Bioresonance is a non-invasive modality that takes direct,

real-time measurements of the body’s biodynamic responses using galvanic skin response (GSR). These responses identify the various states or conditions of stress within your body which may include food sensitivities, pathogenic toxins, adrenal fatigue, gut issues and deficiencies.

With this information I can help suggest supplemental care and life style changes to get you on your way to feeling great.

Disclaimer: Beyond Buddhi Holistic Health's primary intention is to assist with natural health information and guidance.  Each individual is responsible to research and choose the way they desire to live.  We do not diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness.

Bio-Resonance Machine
Meridians of the Hand


The concept of bio-resonance is to access and measure the flow of energy and information that is carried by the mesenchymal tissue and using meridian energy lines to tap into flow or lack there of.  In doing so, a bio-resonance loop is created - a simple electrical circuit between the human and the machine, where the energy and information sent out by the device is processed with other energy and information being sent back by the body.  It is by noting any changes in the pattern of the returning energy that we are able to pick up potential stressors in the body.  If we then alter the input signal by bringing various substances into the loop, the differences in the output signals may provide us with clarity as to what things might be needed to balance the flow of energy circulating through the body, taking out the guess work.


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